The UA Fact Book

Welcome to the University of Arizona's Fact Book

Coveted as an important historical document for our institution, the University of Arizona Fact Book provides an annual data snapshot for students, employees, facilities, finance, and research. This data is mined, validated, and published by University Analytics & Institutional Research (UAIR)

Changes to the UA Fact Book (2018-19 & Beyond)
Quick access to accurate and comprehensive data about the UA is needed to inform decision-making across campus, to support departments and colleges with their reporting requirements, and to uphold a value of data transparency for constituents across our local, state, national, and global communities. To more fully meet these needs, the content, design, and accessibility of the UA Fact Book is currently undergoing a major revision. The new Interactive Fact Book will achieve the following goals:

  • Provide a comprehensive, yet focused data summary for core subject areas, including Student, Employee, Facilities, Finance, and Research.

  • Present data in a dynamic, interactive format that allows users to easily filter aggregate totals based on their specific population(s) of interest.

  • Align the design and presentation of data with web accessibility standards around HTML, visual content, and navigation.

  • Ensure the highest level of data integrity and comprehension.

2018-19 Fact Book
The 2018-19 Fact Book located in the left sidebar menu has been designed to transition users to the new content interface. Please navigate to the landing page for additional information.

UAIR Data Request Form
If you are not able to locate the data you need, please contact UAIR using our Data Request Form.