Academic Programs by CIP 2009-10

Fall 2009

CIP (Classification of Instructional Programs) is a six-digit code developed by the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) to classify the primary discipline of an academic program.  CIP codes are widely used in both national surveys and studies, and are the accepted government taxonomy standard for higher education program classification.

CIP 2000 Major Name Degree
010000 Agricultural Technology Management and Education BS
010103 Agribusiness Economics & Mgmt BS
010103 Agricultural and Resource Economics MS
010901 Animal Sciences BS, MS, PhD
011101 Plant Science BS, MS, PhD
011102 Crop Production BS
011201 Soil, Water and Environmental Science MS, PhD
030101 Natural Resources BS, MS, PhD
030103 Environmental Sciences BES
030103 Water, Society & Policy MS
039999 Arid Lands Resource Sciences PhD
040201 Architecture BAR, MAR
040301 Planning MS
040301 Regional Development BS
040601 Landscape Architecture MLA
050101 Africana Studies BA
050104 East Asian Studies BA, MA, PhD
050107 Latin American Studies BA, MA
050108 Near Eastern Studies BA, MA, PhD
050125 Transcultural German Studies PhD
050202 American Indian Studies MA, PhD
050203 Mexican American Studies BA, MS
050207 Gender & Women's Studies BA, MA, PhD
090101 Communication BA, MA, PhD
090401 Journalism BA, MA
090701 Media Arts BA, BFA, MA
110101 Computer Science BS, MS, PhD
110103 Management Information Systems MS
130101 Teaching and Teacher Education MA, MED, PhD
130401 Educational Leadership EDD, EDS, MED
130406 Higher Education MA, PhD
131001 Special Education EDD, MA, PhD
131001 Special Education and Rehabilitation BSE
131099 Rehabilitation MA, PhD
131101 School Counseling MED
131202 Elementary Education BAE, BS,
131205 Secondary Education MED
131209 Early Childhood Education BAE
131301 Agricultural Education MAE, MS
131302 Art Education BFA, MA
131302 Art History & Education PhD
131305 Rhetoric, Composition and the Teaching of English PhD
131311 Middle School Mathematics MA
131312 Music Education BMU
131315 Language, Reading and Culture EDD, EDS, MA, PhD
131316 Science Education BSC
131401 English as a Second Language MA
131401 Second Language Acquisition and Teaching PHD
139999 Educational Technology MS
140101 Engineering ME
140101 Environmental Engineering MS
140201 Aerospace Engineering AEE, MS, PhD
140301 Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering PhD
140301 Biosystems Engineering BE
140302 Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering MS
140501 Biomedical Engineering MS, PhD
140701 Chemical Engineering CHE, MS, PhD
140801 Civil Engineering CVE
140805 Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources BS
140805 Hydrology MS, PhD
141001 Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE, MS, PhD
141901 Mechanical Engineering MEE, MS, PhD
142101 Mining Engineering MNE
142101 Mining, Geological and Geophysical Engineering MS, PhD
142701 Systems and Industrial Engineering PhD
142701 Systems Engineering MS, SYE
143101 Materials Science and Engineering MS, MSE, PhD
143501 Industrial Engineering INE, MS
149999 Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics MS, PhD
151501 Engineering Management EMG
160102 Human Language Technology MS
160102 Linguistics BA, MA, PhD
160402 Russian BA, MA
160501 German Studies BA, MA
160901 French BA, MA
160902 Italian BA
160905 Spanish BA, MA, PhD
161200 Classics BA, MA
190401 Family and Consumer Sciences MS, PhD
190402 Retailing and Consumer Science BS
190701 Family Studies and Human Development BS
220101 Law JD, SJD
220299 Indigenous Peoples' Law and Policy LLP
220299 International Trade Law LLM
230101 English BA, MA, PhD
230501 Creative Writing BA, MFA
250101 Information Resources and Library Science MA, PhD
260101 Biology BS, MS
260202 Biochemistry BA, BS, MS, PhD
260202 Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology PhD
260305 Plant Pathology MS, PhD
260401 Molecular and Cellular Biology BS, MS, PhD
260403 Cell Biology and Anatomy MS, PhD
260499 Cancer Biology MS, PhD
260503 Microbiology BS
260599 Immunobiology MS, PhD
260702 Entomology & Insect Science MS, PhD
260707 Physiological Sciences MS, PhD
260804 Genetics MS, PhD
260901 Physiology BHS
261001 Medical Pharmacology MS, PhD
261001 Pharmacology and Toxicology MS
261102 Biostatistics PHD
261201 Applied Biosciences PSM
261301 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology BA, BS, MS, PhD
261309 Epidemiology MS, PhD
269999 Microbiology & Pathobiology MS, PhD
270101 Mathematics BA, BS, MA, PhD
270301 Applied Mathematics MS, PhD
270501 Statistics MS, PhD
301101 Gerontology MS
301801 Hydrometeorology MS, PhD
301801 Integrated Science BS
301901 Nutritional Sciences BS,  MS, PhD
302401 Neuroscience MS, PhD
309999 Interdisciplinary Studies BA
380101 Philosophy BA, MA, PhD
380201 Religious Studies BA
380206 Judaic Studies BA
400201 Astronomy BS, MS, PhD
400401 Atmospheric Sciences MS, PhD
400501 Chemistry BA, BS, MA, MS, PhD
400601 Geosciences BS, MS, PhD
400601 Planetary Sciences MS, PhD
400699 Economic Geology PSM
400801 Applied and Industrial Physics PSM
400801 Physics BA, BS, MS, PhD
400807 Optical Sciences MS, PhD
400807 Optical Sciences and Engineering OSE
419999 Applied Science BAP
420101 Psychology BA, BS, MA, PhD
421701 School Psychology EDS, PhD
421801 Educational Psychology EDS, MA, PhD
440401 Public Administration MPA
440401 Public Management and Policy BS
450201 Anthropology BA, MA, PhD
450601 Economics BA, MA, PhD
450602 Environmental and Water Resource Economics BS
450701 Geography BA, BS, MA, PhD
451001 Political Science BA, MA, PhD
451101 Sociology BA, MA, PhD
459999 Anthropology and Linguistics PhD
500101 Fine Arts Studies BFA
500301 Dance BFA, MFA
500501 Theatre Arts BA, MA, MFA
500502 Theatre Production BFA
500701 Art MFA
500702 Studio Art BA, BFA
500703 Art History BA, MA
500901 Music BA, MM, DMA, PhD
500903 Performance BMU
500999 Musical Theatre BFA
510201 Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences BS, MS, PhD
510202 Audiology AUD
511104 Veterinary Science BS
511201 Medicine MD
511401 Medical Sciences MS, PhD
511601 Nursing BSN, MS, DNP, PhD
512001 Pharmacy PD
512003 Pharmaceutical Sciences MS, PhD
512201 Public Health BS, MPH, DPH
512202 Environmental Health Sciences MS, PhD
520101 Commerce BS
520101 General Business Administration BSB
520201 Business Administration MBA
520201 Management MS, PhD
520205 Operations Management BSB
520301 Accounting BSB, MAC
520601 Business Economics BSB
520701 Entrepreneurship BSB
520801 Finance BSB
521001 Business Management BSB
521201 Management Information Systems BSB
521401 Marketing BSB
540101 History BA, MA, PhD