The Honors College 2011-12

2011-12 Academic Year

Honors Freshmen Class   Honors Student Body
Number of Honors New Freshmen 1,150   Number of Honors Students 3,921  
Mean SAT Score 1282.5   Percentage of Female Honors Students 58.3%  
Mean ACT Score 28.6   Percentage of Minority Honors Students 36.4%  
Mean High School GPA 3.83   Percentage of AZ Resident Honors Students 74.1%  
Number of National Merit Scholars 86   Number of National Merit Scholars 254  
Honors Courses (by semester)
Fall 2011 Spring 2012
Courses: 263 Courses: 296
Sections: 663 Sections: 713
Enrollment: 6,155 Enrollment: 4,323

Note:  Numbers might not equal Honor Student headcount total because students may be enrolled in more than one college.

Graduate students in programs Pharmacy, Law, Research and Graduate Studies, and Optical Sciences were inadvertently counted as Honor students despite not being eligible due to their student career status.