2012-13 Fact Book - UA State-wide Economic and Jobs Impact

University of Arizona State-wide Economic and Jobs Impact (2011)

  Economic Impact (In Billions)        
  Direct Indirect Total        
UA $1.5 $2.1 $3.6        
UA Health Network $1.0 $1.0 $2.0        
UA Technology Park     $3.0        
  Jobs Impact        
  Direct Indirect Total        
UA      17,590      16,546       34,136        
UA Health Network         6,407         8,530       14,937        
UA Technology Park         7,000         9,514       16,514        
- The UA Health Network and the UA Technology Park companies are affiliated impacts.    
- Direct impacts include the institution's/organization's direct spending on payroll, goods and services, construction etc.    
- Indirect impacts include the effects of re-spending dollars within the Arizona economy.    
Source:  Vice President For Global Initiatives