2012-13 Fact Book - The Honors College

2012-13 Academic Year

Honors Freshmen Class   Honors Student Body
Number of Honors New Freshmen 1,214   Number of Honors Students 4,591
Mean SAT Score 1292   Percentage of Female Honors Students 57.5%
Mean ACT Score 28.9   Percentage of Minority Honors Students 38.4%
Mean High School GPA 3.82   Percentage of AZ Resident Honors Students 73.1%
Number of National Merit Scholars 82   Number of National Merit Scholars 243
Honors Courses (by semester)  
Fall 2012 Spring 2013
Courses: 302 Courses: 285
Sections: 778 Sections: 730
Enrollment: 6,496 Enrollment: 4,475

Note:  Numbers might not equal Honor Student headcount total because students may be enrolled in more than one college.

Source:  The Honors College