2015-16 Fact Book - History and Presidents

   Located in Tucson, The University of Arizona is one of the leading public research universities in the United States. Founded in 1885 as the state’s land-grant university — nearly three decades before Arizona became a state — the thirteenth territorial legislature approved $25,000 for building The University of Arizona. The first classes convened in 1891, when 32 students and six teachers met in the original building now known as Old Main, on 40 acres of land.
   The University developed in accordance with the Act of Congress of July 2, 1862, known as the Morrill Act. This legislation created the land-grant colleges and enabled the institution to obtain federal funds for its original schools of agriculture and mines.
   The 40-acre Tucson campus of the 1890s has grown to multiple campuses spanning Tucson, Sierra Vista and Phoenix. Its purpose remains, in the language of the original law, “to provide the inhabitants of this state with the means of acquiring a thorough knowledge of the various branches of literature, science, and the arts,” and, insofar as possible, to provide a technical education adapted to the development of the resources specific to Arizona.
   The University is maintained by funds appropriated by the State of Arizona and the United States government, by fees, and by gifts and grants from many sources.
For a more detailed history, please visit the UA History and Traditions website.  
1890-1894 Frank Arthur Gulley - Dean of the School of Agriculture and director of the Agriculture Experiment Station
1894-1895    Theodore B. Comstock - 1st president      
1895-1897    Howard Billman - 2nd president      
1897-1901    Millard Mayhew Parker - 3rd president      
1901-1903    Frank Yale Adams - 4th president      
1903-1910    Kendrick Charles Babcock - 5th president      
1910-1911    Andrew Ellicott Douglass - Acting president      
1911-1914   Arthur Herbert Wilde - 6th president      
1914-1921    Rufus Bernard von Kleinsmid - 7th president      
1922 Francis Cummins Lockwood - Acting president      
1922-1927    Cloyd Heck Marvin - 8th president      
1927-1928   Byron Cummings - 9th president      
1928-1936    Homer LeRoy Shantz - 10th president      
1936-1937    Paul Steere Burgess - 11th president      
1937-1947    Alfred Atkinson - 12th president      
1947-1951    James Byron McCormick - 13th president      
1951-1971    Richard Anderson Harvill - 14th president      
1971-1982    John Paul Schaefer - 15th president      
1982-1991    Henry Koffler - 16th president      
1991-1997    Manuel Trinidad Pacheco - 17th president      
1997 Paul Sypherd - Acting president      
1997-2006    Peter Likins - 18th president      
2006-2011    Robert N. Shelton - 19th president      
2011-2012 Eugene G. Sander - 20th president      
2012- Ann Weaver Hart - 21st president