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2015-16 Fact Book - The Honors College

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2015-16 Academic Year        
Honors Freshmen Class   Honors Student Body
Number of Honors New Freshmen 1,056   Number of Honors Students 4,572
Mean SAT Score 1282   Percentage of Female Honors Students 56.5%
Mean ACT Score 28.9   Percentage of Minority Honors Students 40.5%
Mean High School GPA 3.83   Percentage of AZ Resident Honors Students 74.7%
      Number of National Merit Scholars 182
Honors Courses (by semester)
Fall 2015 Spring 2016
Courses: 285 Courses: 279
Sections: 797 Sections: 725
Enrollment: 6,393 Enrollment: 4,002

*Students may be enrolled in more than one course