2016-17 Fact Book - State-wide Economic and Jobs Impact

University of Arizona Graduate Wages

The Arizona Board of Regents reports the wages of University of Arizona graduates who remain within the State of Arizona in this report:  Arizona Board of Regents Wages of Graduates Report

University of Arizona State-wide Economic and Jobs Impact (2011)

  Economic Impact (In Billions)        
  Direct Indirect Total        
UA $1.5 $2.1 $3.6        
UA Health Network $1.0 $1.0 $2.0        
UA Tech Park     $2.7        
  Jobs Impact        
  Direct Indirect Total        
UA      17,590      16,546       34,136        
UA Health Network         6,407         8,530       14,937        
UA Tech Park         7,000         9,514       16,514        

- You can view the Impact Map here.  Please note that student counts may not match.

- The UA Health Network and the UA Tech Park companies are affiliated impacts.

- Direct impacts include the institution's/organization's direct spending on payroll, goods and services, construction etc.    
- Indirect impacts include the effects of re-spending dollars within the Arizona economy.    

- For the full economic report, please click here.

Source: Senior Vice President for University Relations